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Who Is Your Ideal Partner Digimon, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated June 14, 2019 20.6k views12 items

Digimon are matched with human partners whose natures best fit their own. This doesn't necessarily mean they have the same personality - in fact, it often means the opposite. If you've ever wondered which Digimon would make the best partner, consider taking a look at the stars

Choosing your partner Digimon based on your zodiac makes a lot of sense. Digimon traits and behaviors help their human partners become the best version of themselves, which sometimes means overcoming the negative characteristics of their zodiac sign. A Digimon perfect for your zodiac sign will balance out some of these less-than-attractive aspects and highlight your sign's best qualities

  • People rocking Aries energy are unstoppable forces of nature. While they often work to help others, they also take unnecessary risks, become stubborn and argumentative, or think they're better than everyone else.

    That's why Biyomon, a Digimon skilled at thinking through complex emotional problems and arriving at empathy-based solutions, is the perfect match for this Fire sign. Biyomon can keep Aries' lofty goals in mind, but still help them slow their roll when they aren't considering how their actions affect others. 

  • Taureans appreciate the finer things in life. They have a romantic, expansive personality, and a warm, supportive attitude. On the flip side, Taureans run the risk of being vain, arrogant, stubborn, and lazy. Palmon may be the perfect Digimon to combat these less-than-ideal Taurus traits. It's hard to be haughty when you're hanging out with a dirt-covered plant monster who doesn't care about their appearance. And it's tough to be lazy when the monster has some seriously good reasons - kindly said, of course - for why doing the undesirable thing is important. 

  • Geminis aren't known for being simple people - they're notoriously complicated. That's why Patamon, a childish, playful Digimon who evolves into a terrifyingly powerful angel with boundless knowledge, is an ideal partner for the multi-faceted twin sign. Not only does Patamon possess a wide spectrum of personality traits, but it also knows how to evoke time-appropriate characteristics in its Gemini partner.

  • Though its looks suggest otherwise, Gabumon exudes kindness and compassion. It's tuned into its Digimon partner Matt's emotional issues, and always has the magic words that help Matt work things out. Gabumon willingly sacrifices its comfort for other people's well-being, even taking off its own fur and draping it over Matt so he can stay warm. 

    So, which sign would benefit the most from this caretaking Digimon? Cancer, of course! Cancers are natural nurturers who often prioritize other people's needs over their own. Cancers need someone to make sure that they're taking care of their own needs - an area in which Gabumon excels.