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13 Reasons 'Digimon' Wasn't Actually For Kids

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While most Digimon fans first encountered the series during childhood, the show features some surprisingly mature themes. A few reasons why Digimon wasn't for kids include the rampant string of death plaguing both Digimon and human characters, plotlines involving organ harvesting rings, and fish monsters wanting to mate with an 11-year-old girl.

That's simply scratching the surface - there are many more questionable moments in the series. For this reason, it's an anime worth a rewatch as an adult, though kids today should view it with caution. 

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    Divermon Wants To Mate With Kari

    Divermon (known as Scubamon in the dub) is a deep-sea monster who wants something decidedly not kid-friendly from Kari. A squadron of Divermon attempt to kidnap her, claiming they want her to bear their children so they can increase their numbers and overthrow their leader.

    The creatures also talk about how pure Kari is, which is shockingly lascivious given the context. The dub eliminated the mating plotline for understandable reasons, but even without this, Kari still gets kidnapped by freaky fish monsters. 

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    Jeri's Horrific Nightmare

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    Jeri Katou's character arc incorporates several painful themes routinely cropping up in Digimon. First, her mother dies, which traumatizes her and makes it impossible to connect with her new stepmother. Later, her partner Digimon dies.

    The resulting trauma from these compounded losses makes Jeri a prime target for the D-Reaper. He kidnaps and tries to brainwash her into believing humans deserve to die.

    This leads to a shockingly occult nightmare wherein Jeri runs scared through the halls of a hospital, while shadowy figures pursue her and advocate the D-Reaper's macabre worldview. 

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    Hikaru Beats Teru With A Rock In The Comic

    Photo: Digimon D-Cyber / Rightman Publishing Ltd.

    While most of the violence in the Digimon universe involves Digimon-on-Digimon brawls, a Chinese manhua (comic) called Digimon D-Cyber features a rare and disturbing exception.

    Young Hikaru Ryuuji and Teru Raku are best friends, but their bond almost breaks after a manipulative villain named Masuken Kana tricks Hikaru into beating Teru to death with a rock.

    While everything turns out okay in the end with Teru surviving, there's still a moment where readers believe a child straight-up killed his best friend.

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    The Dark Ocean Is A Seriously Messed Up Concept

    If you're creeped out by the mist, is it because you saw the Dark Ocean arc when you were little? The Dark Ocean, a bizarre world existing between the real world and the Digital World, has the power to twist and magnify negative thoughts, as well as create new realities.

    The episode heavily features the Dark Ocean with muted colors and little speech, adding to the eerie ambiance. The dub lightens the load a bit by peppering the silence with an internal monologue, but it's still visually and conceptually unsettling.

    The Dark Ocean is responsible for corrupting Ken's Digivice, which ultimately caused him to become the Digimon Emperor. Kari also becomes involved and overwhelmed by negative emotions. Furthermore, a group of monsters appear and state their intention to procreate with her. Of course, this isn't included in the English dub, but this doesn't mean it didn't happen.

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