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The Best Dijon Mustard Brands, Ranked

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What's the best dijon mustard for your hot dog or sandwich? If  you're not sure, below is a list of the best dijon mustard brands, ranked from best to worst by user votes. There are plenty of dijon mustard brands to choose from, though they're not all equal. Some good dijon mustards are made from traditional ingredients while other delicious dijon mustards are made with unique flavors. Quite a few dijon mustards are made in Europe, but the majority of tasty dijon mustard brands we see in supermarkets are based in the United States.

What companies will you find on this best dijon mustard brands list? Heinz is best known for making ketchup, but the company also makes a delicious dijon mustard. Founded in 1869, Heinz is based in Pittsburgh, PA and is the top selling brand of 150 items. Grey Poupon, which is made in France, is another popular dijon mustard brand with people all over the world.

French's uses real Chardonnay wine to make its dijon mustard stand out from the pack. Other good companies featured on this top dijon mustard brands list include OrganicVille, Beaver, and Annie's Naturals. If  you prefer other types of mustards, check out this list of the best hot mustard brands or this list of the best honey mustard brands.

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