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The Best Dinosaur Jokes

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From a young age, children are obsessed with dinosaurs. Whether it’s because they’re an anomaly of a time lost to the ages, and represent one of life’s biggest mysteries, or if it ‘s just because they’re really freakin’ cool, no one knows.

...It’s probably just because the thunder lizards of yore are super cool. When it comes to dinosaurs, it doesn’t matter if you like them because they’re cool, or if you’ve got a genuine scientific interest, you know you want to read some funny dinosaur jokes. The dinosaur jokes on this list can be appreciated by paleontologists and laymen alike, as long as you like to laugh you won’t go wrong with anything you read on here.

If you find yourself in the unwanted position of having to make paleontologists laugh, then it’s in your best interests to memorize the hilarious dinosaur jokes on this list and try them out at the crazy paleontology party that you’ve somehow been invited to. Take one look at these paleontology puns and dinosaur jokes and you’ll see why we think they’re the triceratops.

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