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21 Behind The Scenes Facts From Dinosaurs

Updated March 18, 2020 890.6k views21 items

Remember that TV show Dinosaurs with the awesomely adorable baby who always said "not the mama" and hit his dad with a frying pan? Get ready to feel old because it's officially been over 20 years since that show left the airwaves. The popular '90s series will bring back all kinds of memories, and there's plenty that went on behind the scenes that you might not have known about this classic television series. Want to learn some fun and fascinating Dinosaurs TV show trivia? You know you do.

The Jim Henson sitcom about a dysfunctional working class family of dinosaurs including Earl, Fran, Robbie, Charlene, and Baby ran from 1991-1994, and it was easily one of the best TGIF shows of the era. But what was the Dinosaurs set like? Which Dinosaurs cast member married an actor from Titanic? And why did Earl sigh so much?

If you were a child of the 1990s, then you'll definitely appreciate these relatively unknown facts and fun trivia about that weird show Dinosaurs. Upvote the most interesting facts about Dinosaurs below and take a trip back to the world of one of your childhood favorite TV shows.

  • The Voice Of Earl Was In Fatal Attraction

    Stuart Pankin did the voice of Earl on Dinosaurs, but he had a successful career as an actor prior to that role, including playing Michael Douglas's best friend in the thriller Fatal Attraction. You can also find him as a frequent guest on The $100,000 Pyramid and several late night infomercials.

  • Earl Sighed A Lot Because The Puppeteer Needed To See

    Earl Sighed A Lot Because The Puppeteer Needed To See
    Photo: Dinosaurs / ABC
    The puppeteer inside the Earl costume could only see out of the character's mouth.  So, in order to allow him to see where he was going, they created a character trait where Earl sighed a lot as he crossed the room.  Otherwise the puppeteer had to move based on his memory of previous steps.
  • Puppeteers Often Fell Asleep In Their Costumes

    Puppeteers Often Fell Asleep In Their Costumes
    Photo: Dinosaurs / ABC
    The puppeteers would have to stay in their costumes because it was so difficult to get them in and out. Thus, many of them would just take naps inside their get-ups while sitting down or even while filming.
  • Henson First Collaborated With a Designer Of Neverland Ranch

    Henson First Collaborated With a Designer Of Neverland Ranch
    Photo: Dinosaurs / ABC

    When Jim Henson was creating the dinosaur family idea in the first place, he worked with William Stout, an artist and illustrator who also helped create the layout of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.