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21 Behind The Scenes Facts From Dinosaurs

Remember that TV show Dinosaurs with the awesomely adorable baby who always said "not the mama" and hit his dad with a frying pan? Get ready to feel old because it's officially been over 20 years since that show left the airwaves. The popular '90s series will bring back all kinds of memories, and there's plenty that went on behind the scenes that you might not have known about this classic television series. Want to learn some fun and fascinating Dinosaurs TV show trivia? You know you do.

The Jim Henson sitcom about a dysfunctional working class family of dinosaurs including Earl, Fran, Robbie, Charlene, and Baby ran from 1991-1994, and it was easily one of the best TGIF shows of the era. But what was the Dinosaurs set like? Which Dinosaurs cast member married an actor from Titanic? And why did Earl sigh so much?

If you were a child of the 1990s, then you'll definitely appreciate these relatively unknown facts and fun trivia about that weird show Dinosaurs. Upvote the most interesting facts about Dinosaurs below and take a trip back to the world of one of your childhood favorite TV shows.

  • "Not the Mama" Came From A Real Baby

    Photo: Dinosaura / ABC

    The show's most famous catchphrase "NOT THE MAMA" came from creator Bob Young. Young had an infant son named Ethan who used to say those words at home. Take that, Hollywood screenwriters.

  • No Press Was Allowed On Set During Season One

    Photo: Dinosaurs / ABC

    Producers and the network forbade any members of the press from coming to the set during the first season because they didn't want any photos taken of puppeteers with just portions of the costumes on. They thought it would kill the vision for children and upset them if they saw a dinosaur with its head off.

  • The Original Design For Earl Was Purposefully Frightening

    Photo: Dinosaurs / ABC
    Designers initially made the father Earl a lot scarier looking, but producers thought he was too "fierce."  So, they gave him a second chin and made him chubbier to soften his look.
  • The Dinosaurs' Last Names Are Petroleum Companies

    Photo: Dinosaurs / ABC

    The family's last name "Sinclair" was in reference to Sinclair Oil Corporation which used a dinosaur in its logo. Other characters had names such as Phillips, Hess, Richfield, B.P., and even Ethyl which were in reference to oil companies and the fuel they produced.