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20 Times Directors Snuck In Easter Eggs From Their Previous Films

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Easter eggs are the rainbow sprinkles of cinema; completely unnecessary, but always welcome to jazz up an otherwise great movie. From source material callbacks to specific cameo casting choices, Easter eggs are more or less expected at this point, and with the prevalence of streaming, you can be sure movie fans will gleefully pause and analyze every frame to decipher any subtle choices directors might make.

Some directors are a lot less subtle with their Easter eggs, choosing to reference their own catalog of work just to reward viewers that stop and pay attention to the seemingly innocuous details that they've peppered throughout their final product. This is a collection of Easter eggs directors snuck into their films that reference their previous works. Vote up the Easter eggs that surprise you!

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    Robert Zemeckis Connected Two Of His Iconic Films With A Singular Date

    From Redditor u/criticalb:

    In Death Becomes Her, when Madeline and Helen realize they both took the potion, Helen says she took it on October 26th 1985. This is a reference to Back to the Future; both movies were directed by Robert Zemeckis.

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    Tim Burton Connected 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' To His Iconic Take On 'Batman'

    Photo: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Warner Bros.

    From Redditor u/Tokyono:

    In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2005), Charlie’s father works at the Smilex toothpaste factory. Smilex was the name of the poisonous gas created by The Joker in Batman (1989), also directed by Tim Burton.

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    Linguini Has Excellent Taste In Boxers In 'Ratatouille'

    From Redditor u/aadipie:

    In Ratatouille (2007), Linguini's boxer have a familiar logo on them. Yes... that's The Incredibles' Signature "i" logo. Both films were directed by Brad Bird.

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    John Landis Paid Tribute To John Belushi In 'Trading Places'

    From Redditor u/VictorBlimpmuscle:

    In Trading Places (1983), Louis Winthorpe’s (Dan Aykroyd) prison number is the same as Jake Blues’ (John Belushi) prison number in The Blues Brothers (also starring Aykroyd, both movies were directed by John Landis) as an homage to Belushi, who had died the year before.

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