18 Directors Who Surprised Us By Making Both Critically Acclaimed And Unbelievably Awful Films

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Films that were so different in critical reception, you'd think they were made by two different people.

All answers from this Reddit post on r/movies.

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    Rob Reiner

    From Redditor u/Volfie:

    Rob Reiner did Stand By Me and also North.

    From Redditor u/DoktorAusgezeichnet:

    Wow, look at the success streak Reiner was on before making North: Stand By Me, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally..., Misery, A Few Good Men.

    Incredible movies.

    From Redditor u/Mst3Kgf:

    Also Spinal Tap and The Sure Thing.

    Seven straight commercial and critical hits...and then North.

    From Redditor u/KingEuronIIIGreyjoy:

    I guess you can say his career...*puts on sunglasses*...went South.

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    Martin Campbell

    From Redditor u/marksman230591:

    Martin Campbell directed arguably one of, if not THE best, James Bond film (Casino Royale), and then five years later he made the hot garbage that is Green Lantern.

    From Redditor u/Tannercheck:

    He also directed Goldeneye, so he directed two of the best Bond films.

    From Redditor u/glassgwaith:

    Don't forget that he revived the same franchise twice. I mean that s gotta be some kind of record.

    From Redditor u/Mst3Kgf:

    He directed two great 007 films and The Mask of Zorro.

    I don't blame him for Green Lantern given how bad the studio interference was on that one.

    From Redditor u/wpnw:

    It's long been rumored that Campbell's cut of Green Lantern was completely different from the final product.

    From Redditor u/PlacetMihi:

    Are you saying there’s another DC movie that we need to campaign for the director’s cut of?

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    Bob Clark

    From Redditor u/Morbo_Funky_Town:

    Bob Clark directed the beloved A Christmas Story as well as one of my personal favorites, Turk 182! And then he directed Baby Geniuses as well as the sequel to that disaster.

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    M. Night Shyamalan

    From Redditor u/Hellmann:

    First one that pops into my head is M. Night Shyamalan. To me he is unique because he went from Sixth Sense (one of the most shocking and terrifying movie I ever saw growing up) to a four-film streak that could be considered all time bad. Lady in the Water, The Happening, Last Airbender and After Earth.

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    Tom Hooper

    From Redditor u/Nicobade:

    Tom Hooper went from The King's Speech, a critically acclaimed winner of multiple Best Picture awards, then less than a decade later he made Cats, the movie that made me regret having eyes.

    From Redditor u/helpwitheating:

    "Tom Hopper won an Oscar for The King's Speech. Now, Satan is back for his half of the deal. Cats: in theatres soon." - Honest Trailers

    From Redditor u/flapjackenthusiast:

    He also directed the HBO Miniseries John Adams, which was fantastic. I’m not sure how you go from that and King’s Speech to Cats.

    From Redditor u/ExodusCaesar:

    Ok... Let me repeat:

    The guy who did HBO's John Adams did also Cats.



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    Josh Trank

    From Redditor u/Jertimmer:

    Josh Trank. Dude went from Chronicle to Fantastic Four.

    From Redditor u/MakatiTowa:

    Chronicle is still one of the most realistic superhero movies in a way. The idea that if suddenly given superpowers, kids are gonna f*** around with it instead of instantly turning into heroic world savers.

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