Dirk Nowitzki's Best Teammates Throughout His NBA Career

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Who is Dirk Nowitzki's best teammate ever? The Bavarian Bomber had a lot of NBA All Star teammates over the course of his long and storied NBA career. Nowitzki was a 14-time All Star and NBA three-point champion. Dirk Nowitzki's greatest teammates have included NBA champions, longtime journeyman, and talented rookies here and there. But who is the best Dirk Nowitzki teammate of all time? Which of Dirk Nowitzki's teammates did you love watching him play with most?

When it comes to Dirk Nowitzki's best teammates, Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler have to be near the top. The trio joined forces to win an NBA championship for the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. Other Jerry West teammates like Steve Nash, Luka Dončić, and Dennis Rodman are among some the best NBA players of all time.

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  • Steve Nash
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    35 votes

    When Steven Nash left the Phoenix Suns just two years into his professional career for the Dallas Mavericks, he could have never imagined that in that same year, the Mavs would draft arguably the best player in their franchise's history. Nash would play alongside Dirk Nowitzki for the first six years of his professional career, and the duo made magic on the court. Nash's incredible tendency for flashy passing and spacing the floor worked wonderfully next to the big man who loved to shoot from the mid-range, and together, they would make it all the way to the Western Conference Finals, before falling short and going their separate ways.

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    Jason Kidd would join the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki during the 2007-08 season after being traded there at the deadline, and he would help be the catalyst to change the franchise forever. Nowitzki would be in the peak of his career by the time Kidd joined the team, and Kidd was nearing the end of his professional playing career and looking for one last run to the chip, and together, they made magic. Kidd and Nowitzki had instant chemistry together and revolutionized the franchise to become one of the most feared in the NBA. Their hard work and dedication would peak at winning the 2011 NBA championship in what many consider to be the best playoff run in history.

    • Team: Dallas Mavericks
    • Position: Point guard
  • Luka Dončić
    Photo: Erik Drost / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
    38 votes

    As Dirk Nowitzki entered the final season of his professional career, the Dallas Mavericks would simultaneously draft one of the best and brightest foreign prospects the NBA had ever seen in Luka Doncic. At this point in his career, Dirk was simply a grizzled vet looking for one last run in the sun, but once Doncic came, everything changed. Nowitzki realized that he could take the young gun under his wing and teach him what it took to be one of the greatest players of all time, and throughout the season the relationship between Doncic and Nowitzki thrived. To this day, Doncic still credits and praises all the lessons Nowitzki thought him.

  • Dennis Rodman
    Photo: Dunkman827 / YouTube
    33 votes

    In Dirk Nowitzki's second year in the league, he would be joined by one of the greatest players of all time during the last year of his professional career Dennis Rodman. Rodman was 38 years old by the time he joined the team, and he would only play 12 games with the team until injuries and turmoil ended his season. During this time, however, Rodman and Nowitzki spent a lot of time together, where Rodman would tell Nowitzki stories about what it took to win a championship, and they became one of the most unlikely duos and friends. 

    • Team: Dallas Mavericks
    • Position: Power forward
  • A. C. Green
    Photo: Dallas Mavericks / Instagram
    33 votes

    Towards the end of his career, A.C. Green became a journeyman, playing for 4 teams in 5 years, and one of these stops was with Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks during Dirk's rookie season. Green was an aging championship-winning player on an incredibly young and inexperienced team, and while he could have caused a commotion to leave for a contender, he decided to take the young guys, including Nowitzki, under his wing and team them winning ways. In this shortened season the Mavs would go 19-31, however, Green left his impact with the rookies and helped change the culture of the team.

    • Team: Dallas Mavericks
    • Position: Power forward, Center
  • Tim Hardaway
    Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License
    33 votes

    Hall of Fame point guard Tim Hardaway would sign with the Dallas Mavericks during his second to last season in the NBA in an attempt to make an impact on a championship-winning team. Hardaway would be relegated to a bench role at this time and Nowitzki would carry the team as he averaged the highest points and rebounds of his career to this point. Hardaway was a key piece in getting the Mavs to a 57-25 record, with his driving and floor spacing being phenomenal, however, injuries would see the vet traded to the Denver Nuggets before the trade deadline.

    • Team: Dallas Mavericks
    • Position: Point guard