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The Dirtiest Players In The NHL Right Now

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The list of dirtiest players in the NHL right now is a list full of thugs, goons, headhunters, and also MVPs. The sport is known for his physicality and with physicality comes dirty plays and mean hockey players. Whether it's cross-checking, slashing, high-sticking, or slew footing, the meanest players on this list have tried every dirty move in the book!

From penalty box stalwarts like Alexander Radulov and Nikita Zadorov to players with nicknames like The Rat (Brad Marchand), the NHL is home to some of the dirtiest athletes in sports, many beloved by their own teams' fans but hated by the rest of league.

So vote for who you think is the dirtiest NHL player right now. Pass this list over to your fellow hockey fans so they can cross-check it and rank who they feel is No. 1! 

  • Tom Wilson is on record for taking great pride in his physical style of play. It is not known, however, how much pride he takes in suspensions and penalty minutes, both of which he's had plenty. Wilson has been called reckless even by his own teammates.

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    • Brad Marchand is such a dirty player he has earned himself the name "The Rat." You don't get a nickname like that in the NHL because you keep tattling on other players to the officials. You're called The Rat because you're a nasty, dirty player who sometimes even fans of your own team want to distance themselves from. Marchand is known for his dives, elbows, and crosschecks more than his contributions to the team. 

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      • Zac Rinaldo's reputation as a dirty player in the NHL can best be summed up in one of the best stats in the history of sports. In the 2010-2011 season, he had more suspensions than goals. His whole M.O. on the ice seems to be starting trouble and injuring opposing players as often as possible. He has bounced around from team to team over the years and that seems to be about right for someone that comes off as a mercenary for hire.

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        • Milan Lucic is like the little brother in the NHL. He plays dirty, but as soon as someone retaliates, he plays innocent and tries to be the victim. Lucic has faced numerous suspensions, has punched players in the face (not to mention a referee once), and a speared several players in the genitals with his stick. Worst of all, he refused to shake hands with an opponent after a game once ... or, maybe hitting players in the genitals is still the worst. 

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