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16 Dirty Slogans That Businesses Somehow Got Away With

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A strong business slogan encapsulates the core of what your business does stands for. Or it can be blatant innuendo to offend everyone in your community and ruin your business before it even starts. The owners of the following businesses obviously chose the latter with dirty slogans one can only hope were accidentally dirty. It's time to experience the naughty side of advertising and dirty business slogans with an endless slew of "that's what she said" jokes, the worst political slogan ever, and double entendres galore. And to all you entrepreneurs out there, remember to think long and hard before you approve your next company slogan.

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    Your Wife Is Also Bothered

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    Can't Argue With That Logic

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    Nice One, Smarty Pants

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    Someone's Gotta Be

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