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15 Times Futurama Jokes Were Cleverly Dirty

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Given its sci-fi setting, Futurama has plenty of material for smart gags, so it's a little surprising how many dirty jokes Futurama got away with during its run. Not all the dirtiest jokes on Futurama are explicitly sexual in nature, as creators also managed to sneak a fair amount of drug references past the censors. Sometimes, they even combine the two (watch out for Bender when he's been "jacking on").

Matt Groening is no stranger to adult jokes — there are quite a few in The Simpsons — and it seems he kept those muscles flexed when crafting Futurama. While his shows aren't considered nearly as crass as Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy, that doesn't mean Groening isn't capable of capitalizing on low-hanging fruit. 

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    Fry's Hands Molest The Robot Devil

    After Fry makes a Faustian bargain with the Robot Devil, the two trade hands so that Fry can play the holophone with masterful skill. However, the Devil actually wants out of the deal before Fry does because Fry's hands are "always touching [him] in places." 

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    You Can't Show Drug Paraphernalia On Television

    In the season three DVD commentary, the writers admit that they could only briefly show a bong, which explains why one particularly hazy scene in "Bendin' in the Wind" jumps by so fast. 

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    That Better Not Be Why They Call It Jerk Rub

    Lrrr: This jerk chicken is good. I think I will have [Fry's] lower horn jerked.

    Bender: It's used to it! Wooooo!

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    The Phrase "Sticky And Naked" Is More At Home In Adult Entertainment

    While in the future, there are a variety of ways for a person to wind up "sticky and naked," modern day Earthlings can only think of like one. 

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