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14 Dirty Jokes In My Little Pony Kids Would Never Catch

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Children's cartoons can be as educational as they are entertaining. But many series geared towards kids have been known to contain hidden innuendos and adult content. As adult viewers will tell you, there are plenty of adult jokes in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

You may find it hard to believe that there are dirty jokes in My Little Pony, even after watching every episode. It's likely that some cheeky or suggestive content slides under the radar because it appears harmless, or because it was simply unnoticed by censors. That's often the case for many cartoon shows that contain overlooked adult content. And then, of course, there's your own dirty mind at work - certain phrases can easily be taken out of context by the viewer. Ultimately, it’s up to audiences to decide if My Little Pony contains dirty adult jokes or if the show’s mature viewers are reading too much into the good, clean fun.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that even the kid-centric My Little Pony series can’t avoid grown-up humor. But whether you think My Little Pony adult jokes are harmless fun or something more disturbing, you can’t help but laugh at the brilliant puns and awkward situation the ponies often find themselves in. Check out some of the dirtiest jokes from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and vote the most inappropriate up to the top of the list.

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    Ponies Foolin’ Around

    Video: YouTube

    This MLP-related promo has an adult joke that you just can’t ignore. When the Hub Summer ad aired, many viewers were quick to spot this odd line Pinkie Pie sang: "Are you ready for the birds and the bees, and apple trees, and a whole lotta foolin' around?"

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    Spike’s Crown Jewels

    Video: YouTube

    Spike has had an obvious crush on Rarity since the moment they met. In the Season 1 episode "The Best Night Ever," the ponies prepare for the Grand Galloping Gala, a celebration held in Canterlot. In one scene, Spike is excited to show the ponies around the kingdom - and says "I gotta show Rarity the crown jewels." In other words, he's quipping that he's going to flash the pony his testicles.

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    Big Mac Gets Turned On

    Video: YouTube

    In the Season 4 episode "Filli Vanilli," Fluttershy uses her deep singing voice to help Big Mac lip-sync on stage when he’s lost his voice. The suggestive scene in question comes during one performance, when Fluttershy is singing and shaking her rear-end outside of a window. Big Mac glances outside and starts to sweat profusely. He's probably just nervous about lip-synching, but some viewers thought he was getting turned on while watching Fluttershy shake her butt.

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    Fluttershy Exposed

    Video: YouTube

    In Season 2's "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000," Rainbow Dash rushes into Fluttershy’s bedroom to wake her up. She throws the covers off of Fluttershy, and though the ponies aren't normally clothed, Fluttershy covers herself and blushes.

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