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18 Insanely Dirty Jokes In Pokémon You Definitely Missed As A Kid

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Adult jokes in cartoons tend to slip past the innocent minds of children, but some of our favorite childhood shows are chock-full of inappropriate humor – Hey Arnold, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and even Pokémon.

Pokémon has long been a beloved franchise – from the anime we woke up extra-early to watch before school to the games we still find ourselves playing. But nothing is innocent and pure, and we can't have nice things because this is the age of the Internet. There are a ton of adult jokes on Pokémon that you totally missed, from way too frisky Pokémon trainers to uncomfortable moments with Professor Oak (he always seemed like a dirty old man, didn't he?).

Not every Pokémon joke is totally salacious; some are simply a little too risqué for younger minds. The show certainly never held back on making a jab or two at James' sexuality. Though his sexual preference is never overtly discussed, he freely cross-dresses, dons fabulous costumes, and places risqué personal ads. On the other hand, Brock, who is marked by his girl-crazy demeanor, turns out to be an actual dog in a number of jokes you missed on Pokémon.

Here are some dirty jokes from Pokémon you may have missed – from innuendo-laden remarks in gameplay to eyebrow-raising anime scenes that are undoubtedly sexual.

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    Where Is This Woman Hiding Her Pokéballs?

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    Developers sure had dirty minds when they programed this conversation into Pokémon X & Y. Now, it should be noted that all Pokéballs do shrink down when they're not being used, but still. This lady certainly isn't hiding them in her swimsuit. Yikes.

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    Brock's Casual Jail Bait Comment

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    In the episode "The Double Trouble Header," Brock talks about a young trainer named Casey. Fans of the Pokémon series know Brock is totally girl-crazy, but apparently he also recognizes jail bait (even though he's supposed to be just 15 at the start of the series).

    He remarks, "She'll be fun in eight years." Woof. Our childish minds had no idea what that meant.

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    This Wildly Inappropriate Ampharos

    Ah, young love. In the Pokémon: Indigo League episode "The Light of Floccesy Ranch" the gang stumble upon a Mareep farm. In this scene, whatever is happening between this Ampharos and Mareep looks a little out of control to our adult eyes.

    Apparently, Ampharos is just trying to get Mareeps attention. Apparently.

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    When Primeape Learned Iron Tail Without A Tail

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    This uncomfortable encounter comes from Poképark: Pikachu's Adventure when Primeape teaches you how to use Iron Tail. The only problem is, Primeape doesn't have a tail.

    So, if he's not using his tail, what is he using?

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