23 Times Adults Played with Legos and Things Got Dirty

Legos are a wondrous line of construction toys that bring joy to everyone who loves to build stuff, even if it’s just a square piece of plastic. Most Lego sets are geared toward teaching children how to build things by making castles, boats, and other normal things like that. But some more grown up Lego aficionados have taken it upon themselves to make their own adult Lego creations. I'm talking about rated R, down and dirty, raunchy Legos. If there are any young eyes in the room, you should probably tell them to go play outside while you check out this listof all the times adults played with Legos and things got naughty.

Everyone has thought about making dirty Legos, but only a few brave souls have actually undertaken the quest of building NSFW Lego contraptions and dioramas with play sets meant for G Rated fun. On this list you’ll find everything from Lego sex toys, to very realistic depictions of a ménage a trois. That’s right, things get very steamy very fast when the kids go to bed and the parents break the Legos out. Think you can handle it? Vote on the most adult creations ever made with Legos that you sure hope your kids never see.