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The Naughtiest Video Game Glitches

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There are two kinds of video game glitches: the ones that make you want to throw your controller through the screen and the ones that leave you in tears from laughing. This list is made up of the latter, but these funny game glitches are even more special. You see, there are some bugs that make these gaming malfunctions a little dirty. Everyone has seen some naughty video game glitches for The Sims, but these take it one step farther. There are out-of-control tatas, some humorous humping, and body parts on display that probably shouldn't be seen. 

Dirty glitches in video games have been found ever since they were in arcades. For example, did you know you could get Smurfette to flash you? But as technology has progressed, many of these dirty bugs have actually become the best glitches in video games, like the glitches in Fallout 4. Vote up the greatest gaming bugs that are quite suggestive and risqué.