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13 Seemingly Disabled Superheroes & Villains

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List RulesThe best seemingly disabled superheroes and villains.

Imagine being blind then finding out Daredevil was out there keeping Hell's Kitchen safe. Or being bound to a wheelchair and having Professor X guide the way. For many fans with serious heart conditions, the Arc Reactor in Tony Stark's chest isn't just a plot device, it's a powerful metaphor. Superheroes and supervillains are symbols not only of who we are, but also who we can be. Comic book characters with disabilities, then, are powerful metaphors reminding us all that apparent handicaps do not define us, that we can overcome even the most lasting traumas and even turn them into advantages.

In ancient mythology, larger than life gods were often aspirational figures. In our modern mythology, those gods have become superheroes some of whom are still gods (thanks Thor), and they inspire and encourage the best in comic book fans. In making these heroes, creators have often represented the resilience of humanity with seemingly handicapped characters who are, inf act, made stronger by their "disabilities." These superheroes (and sometimes villains) are still larger than life, but their physical obstacles remind us that they are, in fact, human (even when they're not).

These are the coolest handicapped comic book characters, the ones who overcome physical limitations in order to ensure that derring do gets done! Vote up your favorites below!
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