Graveyard Shift

People Who Disappeared Share What Happened  

Sarah Blumert
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People go missing all the time. Sometimes they run away, other times they just get lost, and sometimes there’s foul play involved. Disappearing off the face of the Earth is no easy task, and most people would never even consider leaving their friends and family behind. Sometimes, however, extenuating circumstances lead people to seek escape. 

Some of these people took to Reddit to describe the times they disappeared - intentionally or otherwise.

A Somnambulant Stroll

From a former Redditor:

I went sleepwalking one night when I was 10 years old. Unlocked the front door and went for a stroll through the neighborhood. I woke up a few hours later in the middle of the street, barefoot, in a cul de sac I'd never been in before. Scared the bejeezus out of me.

Ended up running through the streets until I found my way back home. My parents had been sh*tting bricks looking all over for me. They put a lock on my door after that so I couldn't go for anymore midnight strolls.

An In-tent-sive Search

From a former Redditor:

So, back when I was in Boy Scouts, my troop lost me. Twice. In the same night. While I was still in my tent. This is not an exaggeration.

The story is thus: we were at Camp Decorah in Iowa. We had the idea to go and perform a raid on the counselors' tents/cabins. I, however, was feeling ill, so I specifically said, "I'm not feeling well, I'm going to sleep." They acknowledged this, expressed regret that I was not coming along, and went to have their fun.

They have their fun. They retreat into the woodline. Then they take a headcount. I am not in the headcount. They expect me to be in the headcount, because they forgot. So, now, there is a missing camper. The entire camp is set to searching for me. Some time during this, a guy from my troop decides to, get this, check the tents. I am in my tent, as I should be. So he goes to report that I am found. I go to the bathroom during this time. Someone comes back to the camp, and checks my tent. I am in the bathroom, so I am not in my tent. I am now missing again.

I get found sooner this time.

Small Kid In A Big City

From Redditor /u/magenta_thompson:

When I was four, I got lost in a city and was rescued by what my dad thought was a [sketchy group]. We had dinner in Chinatown with another family. Five kids in all. [When] crossing the street after dinner, we were holding hands in a big chain. My older sibling let go. When the light changed and everyone crossed, I stayed on the sidewalk - I was looking through a window into a barber shop where some huge guy was having his head shaved. [I] can still picture the scene.

When I finally looked around, everyone was gone. I started to cry. A group of teenagers approached and asked if I was lost. I said yes. A tall kid hoisted me into his shoulders and started down the block. Other kids split up and went in different directions. We rounded a corner and I saw my dad. He turned white and ran toward us. The kid lowered me to the ground. A few other kids were there. They stood around awkwardly while the tall kid explained what happened to my dad.

My dad (not a demonstrative guy) flung himself at the kid and hugged him. My mom appeared and picked me up. Years later, my dad told me he saw the same group of kids hanging around when he first parked in the city that evening and was suspicious that they were [up to no good]. He was embarrassed and tried to be less judgmental after that. Wish I could thank those guys. This was a long time ago.

12 Lost Days

From Redditor /u/TrashyMinky:

I had a 12-day period of dissociative amnesia while I was in the USAF. I was doing laundry one Sunday night while waiting to start extra cleaning duty, [and] I woke up 12 days later to my supervisor shaking me awake in my dorm room. No one saw me for those 12 days, no one heard from me. I was not a recluse, I was extremely outgoing and easily noticed. How I vanished for 12 days is amazing.

...I was considered AWOL, got an Article 15 out of it. Was medically separated with a $25,000 severance and told by the USAF Psychiatrist that I was "useless to the USAF." I couldn't explain it, and through every pill I was prescribed and some therapy, they couldn't unlock my brain. It's said that it does not happen to people who are in their older 20s, but it did. It happened the [one time]. My brain scan showed that "the hole every one has is larger in yours" kind of thing. I never looked into it, as I really don't want to know [what I did].

I had no reason to desert. I was in for over six years at that point. I'd been to PSAB (Saudi), South Korea, France, Spain, and was in Germany at the time. I f*cking loved my time enlisted and would do it again.