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People Describe When Places They Visited Inexplicably Disappeared

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What if you passed an old-fashioned diner or motel on the road, only to stop by on your return trip and find it completely gone?

It turns out, occurrences like this really happen. In fact, these creepy stories from Redditors describe places that disappeared. Some people love exploring and finding creepy places, but they rarely expect their discoveries to vanish entirely without explanation. 

Many scary stories from Reddit could have non-paranormal explanations, but part of the fun is how we will never know exactly what happened in these little towns and dark highway exits. The tales may prompt you to double-check your car door locks the next time you go exploring.

  • Time Loop Diner

    From Redditor /u/Artofthedeals:

    So back when I was younger, I was kind of a terrible kid. To deal with being just totally unmanageable, as well as being a child of two narcissists, the decision was made that I would work on a huge ranch deep into the sticks of Arizona (should be noted I was a pretty accomplished equestrian rider at this time, so ranching wasn't really out of the realm of what I could do)... 

    On cattle drives it was not unusual to stumble upon houses, encampments, and even whole towns in the middle of nowhere. These all had their own movie-like situations that came out of them, but one in particular I will NEVER forget.

    Here we are on another cattle drive this time pretty far into it, we have been out in the desert if I remember correctly, easily three or or more weeks when we stumble upon this town in the middle of a canyon that is picture-perfect; in addition, [lo] and behold there is a diner. Like an old, totally chromed out east coast diner. We have not eaten anything really of substance for a while, and the head wrangler promised me a milkshake for my birthday. I was beyond stoked, if not a little weirded out, but honestly after you spend enough time in wilderness of the US, nothing really surprised me.

    So we leave behind some of our mates to watch the cattle who are resting in the shade after getting over this rocky wash, and hike into the canyon to go to the diner. The second we set foot in the diner, the head guy, this older cowboy who is the head of all of us, grabs my arm. This place is packed and everyone is wearing odd clothing like stuff from maybe the '40s or '50s?

    My head wrangler (T) is a really tough guy who, from ranching for his entire life, had definitely seen some sh*t. T grabs my arm (as I am just focused on [a] milkshake and about to go grab a booth) when I realize everyone is just staring at us, and there is a really strange feeling in the air. Now we were used to getting looks all the time from being smelly and dirty, but these people had these almost fear and/or shock.

    T and the two others with us slowly back out of the diner, dragging me in tow, and we immediately go back to our site and leave without a word. I was so confused I just went along with all of it.

    To this day I have no idea what that place was, or if we stumbled through a time warp, or what, but my wrangler told me later that night when we [were] away from them that he felt like we had stepped back in time. Like truly stepped back in time and that place was stuck in some sort of loop, and if we stayed we would get stuck, too. T never really spoke a lot, nor was he to be messed with; he also had a mean sweet tooth despite having almost no teeth, so for him to have reacted that way really shook me.

    I have no idea if what he told me is true (they where pretty rough guys who definitely teased and pulled pranks), but I will never forget the look of all those people in that immaculate diner.

  • Search Party In The Woods

    From Redditor /u/royallyred:

    Group of us are camping at a big state park with a bunch of horses. We had more people than horses, so my best friend and I go out riding, just the two of us, then came back and switched out for the larger group to go. At the time we're in our early 20s, while everyone else on the trip is [in their] 30s-40s.

    They had made a bunch of jokes when we left about not getting lost, because it got dark fast and we were in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. Which means of course, when they go out, they got lost.

    To make a long story short, one of the women [forgot] to mention she was on a few new medications and convinced the rest of the group to follow her down a steep deer trail. A different rider had had surgery and [owned] a green horse and had to bail off, and this all accumulated with them calling us to come save them.

    In the dark. In the middle of nowhere.

    They originally wanted us to bring a horse trailer, but neither of us have driven one before, and the ones we had were massive, so we take a car and go try and hunt them down. They said they'd found a road and dropped a pin in it on Google Maps, so off we went.

    The road was hidden off a highway. It's pitch-black outside by now and we can only see a few feet ahead of us. The road immediately turns to gravel, and starts to shrink in size the more we go down it. Then it starts to go up and down increasingly steep hills.

    The whole time we're joking and laughing, until we run across a house. It's one of those farm houses you know shouldn't be inhabited because it looks like its about to fall over; it's got barbed wire and sh*t all over the lawn, and a dark figure watching us from porch the closer we approach. Could've been a person. Probably was a person, but like I said, it's dark.

    We managed to find our people, turn the car around, and get whoever needs to be in the car in it. My best friend and I take turns between driving and leading horses, with the car in front going slow because sh*t is steep; the horses are tired and misbehaving; the riders are all upset at one another; and we know we're gonna have to take this whole parade on the highway, in the dark, because [it's] the only way back to camp.

    I never mentioned it to anyone, but the house wasn't there on the way back.

  • What Village?

    From Redditor /u/Wabbithunter68:

    This happened to a friend of mine about 20 years ago. He had been working as an installer of double-glazed windows, and would often find himself traveling with a crew all over Kent and the south-east of the UK. One job he was doing wasn't all that far from home so they decided to drive home...

    They set off home quite late in the evening, and it was already dark, there wasn't much on the roads, and it was pretty cold so not many pedestrians about.

    They were going along one fairly straight bit of road when they passed through a fairly unremarkable village. It had the usual things like a pub and a corner shop, but little more else than cottages.

    About five minutes later, a couple of his crew [were] complaining that they really needed a drink and there must be a pub around somewhere. He suggested that they turn around and go back to the village. They turn around, drive back, and there was no village there. It was just fields. There [weren't] any turn-offs, so they couldn't have been mistaken. It was just one straight road.

  • Nothing Tastes Better Than Free Ghost Pizza

    From Redditor /u/Baelgul:

    I was staying at a friend's place in the financial district in NYC. They were out of town, so I was babysitting their cat. At some point in the late evening, I realized I hadn't eaten dinner, so I went out to find something fast. Hurricane Sandy had recently come through, so many shops and restaurants were still closed and in recovery-mode, so my search turned up nothing of interest. On my way back to the apartment to order delivery, I walked by a place with a woman standing outside and she said, "Free pizza."

    Now, I'm not one to ever turn away from those words, so I turned to her and she repeated the phrase while opening the door to a small pizzeria. I went inside and sure enough there was free pizza. I ended up getting two large slices and headed back home for the night, stopping to give one to the doorman at the apartment complex.

    The next day I walked the entirety of the financial district and found absolutely no trace of this pizzeria. To this day, I still call it my ghost pizza story.