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Tourist Destinations People Say You Have To Go To That Are Actually Terrible

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Going on vacation doesn't always mean going to a sunny beach somewhere exotic and relaxing on the sand. Many people instead choose to go places with great cultural artifacts or famous tourist attractions. There are thousands of different examples all around the world, but the vast majority of vacationers tend to focus on just the select few that have held something of a monopoly over the public’s imagination for generations.

The problem is that many of these destinations are actually pretty overrated and simply don’t live up to the hype. As can often be the case, movies and television shows have glorified particular attractions so that they seem more impressive than they really are. In other instances, an exploitative tourism industry might have spoiled these natural wonders with an over-saturation of merchandise and facilities aiming to siphon off as much money from visitors as possible.

What is clear, though, is that there are plenty of overrated travel destinations that you might be tempted to visit, but would be better off avoiding in favor of some other less well-known tourist destinations.

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    Times Square has played a major part in Hollywood films and television shows set in New York City for what seems like forever. This constant media presence, and the fact that it has become so deeply associated with the all-American city, means that it is something of a go-to attraction for anyone visiting New York.

    It’s a shame, though, that so many tourists flock straight to Times Square rather than experience other parts of the city, as it is a tightly packed area that is covered in litter and rubbish from the thousands of tourists who pass through it. And it is so busy that many people simply become overwhelmed at not being able to move around. Those who decide to make the trip during the winter for the News Year’s Eve celebration will be even more disappointed thanks to the freezing-cold weather that will greet them in the open space.

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    Almost one million people visit Stonehenge every single year in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that there really isn’t that much to see. Compared to other similar monuments and structures nearby, such as the Avebury henge, Stonehenge is much smaller and far more damaged. Add to this the fact that Stonehenge is actually located right next to a busy road (which kind of spoils the atmosphere) and is roped off so that you can't even get near to it - instead, you have to put up with a rather distant view of the archeological site while being smothered by dozens of other tourists - and you've got a pretty solid argument about why Stonehenge isn't exactly a must-see.

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    The Australian Outback

    The Australian Outback holds massive appeal to tourists visiting the country, as it is a huge sprawling area of nature left largely untouched by civilization. What many people do not understand, though, is just how dangerous and tough this area is. Rather than being a place where a person can get in touch with nature, it is in fact a hostile world that far from a walk in the park.

    First off, its remoteness is a huge problem for anyone visiting. With little in the way of buildings or facilities, anyone can be put in real danger if they get lost, as it can be difficult for help to reach those in need in a timely manner. The heat can also wreak havoc on tourists, leading to dehydration. Combined with the dangerous animals and creatures that occupy the land, the Outback becomes something that probably isn’t that great of an idea for a tourist destination.

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    Las Vegas is the kind of place that people either love or hate. For much of the experience, tourists can expect to find exactly what the city advertises - places to gamble and party, expensive restaurants to eat at, and shows to watch from whichever star is headlining at any particular casino. However, this isn’t what everyone wants and it is far from the relaxing vacation that many people seek in their time off. Everything Las Vegas offers also comes at a high price - combined with the lack of facilities, long lines, high price tags, and a variety of experiences that many other cities also offer, Vegas can be a bit of a disappointment.

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