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The Worst Man-Made Disasters in China

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Man-made disasters that happened in China

Though China has a historical legacy of natural disasters, including earthquakes, torrential rain, and flooding, industrial China has also been increasingly affected by industrial accidents like the industrial explosions that occurred in Tianjin in August 2015. Such man-made disasters in China are all too common.

Often, these incidents are aggressively classified as "natural disasters" by government officials who want to minimize international focus on China's need for environmental and institutional reform. In other cases, industrial tragedies are blamed on worker negligence, when they are, in fact, the result of systematically lax safety regulations and substandard equipment.

What are some of the worst disasters in the history of China? Some of the most deadly industrial accidents in history have occurred in China during the last century. What's really troubling about these Chinese disasters is just often they repeat themselves. Flooding, mudslides, and deadly underground mining explosions, for example, have become such common occurrences in China that they sometimes fail to receive international attention.

Massive pollution, industrial disasters, and environmental catastrophes are all devastating problems. Too often, these incidents are not "accidents" or "natural disasters" at all - they're tragically avoidable man-made disasters. These industrial and environmental disasters in China are presented here in reverse chronological order.