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Discontinued Foods Brought Back By Popular Demand

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Ever wonder why McDonald’s McRib sandwich left the regular menu, then came back a few years later, only to disappear, then return to only certain parts of the country at certain times of the year? The McRib is just one of the many types of food brought back by popular demand. 

Thanks to the power of the internet and popularity of social media, people of like-mindedness can get together and share their commonly held beliefs. Like in 2015, when an online campaign erupted to bring back Crystal Pepsi and the clear soda from the 1990s pulled together tens of thousands of people to sign a petition on Change.org. Additionally, Twitter and Facebook pages were dedicated to the soft drink’s return. 

Food nostalgia is a funny entity especially combined with the internet. People want to remain close to the products that remind them of certain periods of their life. It’s why Fruit Brute and Chocodiles hit the shelves again after their respective companies stopped making them. Other times, people just like a particular food that they can’t get anywhere else. 

Here are the best discontinued snacks that came back. Some returned for a limited time only, while others plan to stay with us forever.