Food The Best Discontinued Foods Brought Back By Popular Demand  

Rebecca High

Sometimes the best throwback memories involve a food product that has been discontinued and tossed to the winds of yesteryear. But some companies have gotten smart and brought some of the most popular cult foods back infrequently enough to keep salivation on the edge of our glands, as this video shows.

Companies that make food products go through rigorous testing and marketing, but sometimes you have to wonder if they just release products to tease us all. After all, nobody had any problems with Twinkies, so why in the world did they disappear?

Social media has really helped bring back so many of the corporate foods we've come to know and love. After all, some of these companies definitely listen, and some are straight-up savage in their responses to public outcry.

Watch this video and prepare to drool over some of your favorite discontinued foods that were brought back to life at least once. Hopefully there will be many more such revivals but in the meantime, namaste, McRib.