Discontinued '90s Cereals You Totally Forgot About

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Vote up the cereals that need to make a comeback.

What makes you reminisce about childhood more than plopping down in front of your fave Saturday morning cartoon with a bowl of cereal? Classic '90s toys are obviously sentimental, and most millennials still remember dominating their siblings with Super Soakers and impromptu yo-yo matches. But there's truly nothing more nostalgic than a big bowl of cereal with milk and cartoons, especially when the type of cereal itself is a throwback.

'90s cereals are a little more difficult to remember, though. You may have watched Steve Urkel on Family Matters, and chances are someone in your house also bought Urkel-O's sweetened cereal, too. They may have only bought it as a gag, but Urkel-O's and other crazy discontinued cereals like it served their place in pop culture history... and company marketing. Some cereals went to the wayside when their pop cultural counterpart expired. Other forgotten breakfast food gems were terminated because they lacked nutritional value and consumer support. That doesn't mean those forgotten cereals don't deserve to be remembered at least one more time. And once in a while, a classic retro cereal will make a brief yet spectacular comeback, as is the case with French Toast Crunch. Now if only General Mills would bring back its Dunk-A-Balls!

Check out these '90s cereals and vote up the ones you think deserve a revival.


  • 1. French Toast Crunch

    399 votes
  • 2. Oreo O's

    Oreo O's
    Photo: Post
    355 votes
  • 3. Deep-Sea Crunch

    Deep-Sea Crunch
    Photo: Quaker
    304 votes
  • 4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal
    Photo: Ralston
    318 votes
  • 5. Pop-Tarts Crunch Cereal

    Pop-Tarts Crunch Cereal
    Photo: Kellogg's
    342 votes
  • 6. Reptar Crunch

    Reptar Crunch
    Photo: Post
    334 votes