These Diseases Affect Men More Than Women

There are diseases that affect everyone, but professionals in the medical community believe there are certain diseases that affect men more than women. These illnesses aren't simply different strains of the "man flu," either; common diseases in men can prove fatal. 

The reasons vary as to why some medical conditions are more common in men than in women. For some men, hormones could be a factor. Lifestyle factors typical of men may also have something to do with it. Some doctors argue that men aren't as diligent as women when it comes to regular checkups, and that is why certain preventable ailments are seen more often in men.

Even if the medical community does not know the exact reason behind medical conditions common in men, they know it usually ends in a debilitating or lethal manner. Whether you're a man or the partner of a man, knowing what to look for with these common ailments could be life-saving.