Weird Strange Diseases That Science Never Explained  

Laura Allan
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Medical science has come a long way over the years. We’ve found treatments for the Black Death; we created a vaccine for chicken pox; and we’ve completely done away with diseases like smallpox and rinderpest worldwide. You’d think we were on top of our game! But the truth is, there are still some diseases science just can't explain.

These mystery diseases range from epidemics of dancing dating back to the 1500s, to illnesses that once attacked cows and now attack humans today. Some are almost comical in nature, and others are horrifying, incurable, and dangerous. The fact is, we may never know the causes of a few of these illnesses for certain, but research is ongoing, and for some of these, we can only hope the answers come soon.

Of course, what we do know for now is downright fascinating. So read on to find out more about some of the strange diseases science doesn't understand... yet.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

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This condition is incredibly rare, and experts honestly have no idea what causes it. For no apparent reason, a person may begin speaking in an accent different from their own, and will be unable to stop. Some sufferers don't even realize they're doing it! Though it's known this is an issue with the brain, scientists don't know why this happens.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

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You know that feeling of your mouth being on fire when you eat spicy foods? Well, imagine if that happened to you for no reason, all the time. Burning mouth syndrome happens when a person has a chronic feeling of burning in their tongue, gums, or whole mouth with no apparent cause. There are a few treatments, but mostly, this is a problem that you'll need a dentist to help you manage. 

Laughing Death

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Also called kuru by the people of New Guinea in the 1950s, this tragic disease is hardly a thing to scoff at. When it occurs, the brain slowly degrades to the point where a person loses their ability to speak, walk, and control their own muscles. During this time, people will sometimes have bursts of unexpected laughter. Experts still have no idea why this disease hit the people of New Guinea exactly the way it did, but they believe that it had something to do with cannibalism


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This is not to be confused with multiple personality disorder, as it's often portrayed in popular media. Schizophrenia has a plethora of different symptoms, many of which change from person to person, including hearing voices, paranoia, disorganized speech and thought, and difficulty perceiving what is real and what is not. This disease has been studied for decades upon decades, but we still do not fully understand the root cause, nor have we found any cure.