Graveyard Shift

A Mysterious And Eerie Voice Saved This 18-Month-Old From Drowning In An Icy River

Not all stories of spirits and ghosts have to be about scary or aggressive encounters. There have actually been times ghosts rescued people. Incidents of people saved by ghosts usually involve a ghost alerting someone to the location of someone who's trapped or otherwise in need. In March of 2015, headlines began to surface along the lines of "Disembodied Voice Saves Baby." In this amazing story, a voice led officers to the location of a baby girl trapped in a car submerged in water.

The crash occurred in Spanish Fork, UT, when the driver of the car, 25-year-old Lynn Groesbeck's car careened into the river. While Lynn was killed quickly, her 18-month-old daughter Lily Groesbeck held on overnight. When officers heard someone calling for help while examining the wreckage, they found Lily still alive in the car. The voice that called for help did not belong to a child and no one can explain what happened. Whatever you choose to believe, it's an amazing story that resulted in the stunning rescue of a young child.