What Happens to Disgraced Athletes? 22 Stories of Life After Scandal

People of all ages and backgrounds look up to athletes as people who applied themselves to a goal and managed to turn their obsessions with being the best into a money-making machine. But that obsession with winning, or belief that being the best makes you untouchable, can get major sports stars into trouble. There are disgraced athletes in almost every sport, from football to track and field, and most of their stories have the same sad trajectory of a local kid making good and then getting in over their heads.

But some of the athletes who lost endorsements went above and beyond what actually has to be done to become a disgrace and went down in history as some of the craziest athletes to ever embroil themselves in sports controversies. But what happens to athletes who were banned from their sport? Do they get a day job? Or is there hope of competing again?

In the sports world, it’s really hard to lose an endorsement. Some athletes who’ve made a second career out of misbehaving have managed to hold onto their endorsement money without so much as Coca-Cola or Nike batting an eye. That means the sports figures who lost endorsements had to go above and beyond the pale to anger someone in their PR company. Of all the athletes who lost all their money, the number one cause of a corporate smackdown is drugs, but as you’ll soon find out there are plenty of interesting ways to bring disgrace to the world of sports.