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16 Anime Scenes That Scarred You For Life

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CAUTION: This list does contain some anime SPOILERS. 

Anime is no stranger to pushing your emotions (and stomach) to their limits. Whether it's a scene that is horrendously disgusting or simply heartbreaking, fans have seen it all at this point. Even in children's anime and shoujo, there are see moments that are surprisingly violent, morbid, or just straight-up scarring.

There are countless anime series that depict horrifying scenes that have scarred us for life, but this list focuses on the 16 that audiences have found to be the most unforgettable. From the more emotionally disturbing scenes to the straight-up graphic ones, you are sure to find yourself nodding and wincing as you remember these terrifying moments.

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    Blood-C – The Bunnies

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    Blood-C is no stranger to violence. It follows a monster slayer as she kills creatures left and right, but the scene in which a pack of vicious bunny creatures eat a town of people and store the rest in their bodies made viewers sick to their stomachs.

    The graphic nature of the scene was probably the most terrifying and scarring of the entire show. There are a lot of horrifying anime scenes out there, but this one is particularly memorable.  

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    Arguably the most depressing film Studio Ghibli ever made is Grave of the Fireflies. The movie tends to scar people and leave them mortified for a long time. It is set in the aftermath of World War II and follows two siblings that have been separated from their family and try to stay alive together.

    The most gut-wrenching scene in the film takes place when Seita, the elder of the two siblings, has to watch his little sister, Setsuko, die. Seita puts his sister in a basket and sets it on fire for her burial. He then watches the basket go up in flames and stays there all day until it's all just ash and memory. 

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    Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of the 21st century, and some of that popularity simply comes from the show's shock value. In this particularly gruesome scene, the protagonist of the series, Eren Jaeger, has to watch his mother being eaten by an enormous, creepily smiling Titan.

    It's graphic; it's shocking; it turns the stomach and scars the mind of all who watches it. If you have witnessed this brutal scene, you surely remember it.

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  • The story of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) is truly crazy on its own. You have a local legend/curse that follows the citizens of a small town where people get murdered every year. The scene in this anime that takes the cake in scarring us for life, however, is when one girl is seen laughing hysterically as she watches a little girl murder herself. Yikes.

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