These Disgusting Beauty Regimens Actually Work

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While only a few people really look forward to engaging in gross beauty regiments, there a few gross antics out there that actually work. Covering your hair in cow placenta and allowing fish to eat away your dead skin may seem like pretty horrific ideas but both tricks actually have merit. Here you'll find a list of beauty routines that are really gross but surprisingly effective.

You'll also get a glimpse at strange geisha beauty products and the tricks Kim Kardashian swears by. If soft and youthful-looking skin is your thing, you might just be tempted to try them too.

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  • This $5 Pimple Destroying Patch
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    Wanna get rid of pimples without any popping? The Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch may be the just the thing for you. Put one of these bad boys on your acne, either for a few hours during the day or even overnight while you sleep.

    You'll be amazed at their pus and gunk sucking power.

  • This Creepy But Effective Zit Destroyer
    Photo: Amazon

    If you're going to pop your pimples, you might as well do it the right way. This handy kit includes all of the tools you'll need to remove blackheads, acne, and other blemishes, as well as a diagram that teaches you the use of each tool.

    While the process is always destined to be a little gross, if you're going in, you might as well be armed like a pro.

  • This Skin Peel Promises Baby Soft Feet
    Photo: Amazon

    Want to return your feet to their long lost baby soft glory? Check out Dr. Baby Foot. Simply apply the foot mask to your feet, hang out in the included booties for a bit, wash, and wait. A few days later your feet will start to shed their top layer of dry skin, revealing the super soft layer that lies hidden beneath.

    Though peeling off layers of your own skin may seem a little creepy, fans swear that the ultra silky results are worth it.

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    The Pore Vacuum
    Photo: Amazon

    Ever wish you could suck out disgusting pore gunk and blackheads while reducing wrinkles at the same time? Of course you have. Now you can with the Comedo Suction Microdermabrasion Machine. This little machine comes with four different removable heads that allow you to suck all manner of skin irritants from your face

    While removing a load of gunk from your face may not look pretty, the results will be great.

  • This Sand Paper For Your Skin
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    Want to get rid of your dead skin like a snake in full-on shed mode? Then check out the Baiden Mitten Super Exfoliator Glove. This super exfoliating glove has a texture similar to sand paper and if you use it on your face a few times times a month, you can watch your dead skin roll right off to reveal the smoother, healthier layer underneath.

  • The World's Fishiest Pedicure
    Photo: laurabob13 / Instagram

    Want all the benefits of a pedicure without any razors or scraping? As it turns out, there's an extremely popular technique that utilizes small carp fish known as garra rufa or "doctor fish" to give clients super soft feet. Many people in Asian countries like this procedure that works when you place your feet in a tub of the little guys, who will then proceed to nibble off all your dry foot skin while you relax.

    Though turning your feet into a fish's buffet may not sound glamorous, rest assured that the fish are toothless. You may end up finding the whole experience oddly relaxing.