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The Grossest Foods In The World

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This is a list of the grossest foods that, I hope, many people will never touch. The things listed on here ar some of the grossest things you could ever imagine putting in your mouth, because, the thought of these items alone should make you sick and want to throw up. Yet, there are plenty of people who will treat these items as a delicacy but make no mistake about it, these foods are absolutely disgusting.

What are the grossest food in the world? Take a look here and you'll unfortunately (or fortunately) see what are the most digusting foods on the planet.
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    Blood soup

    You think they'd want to dress this up a little bit and make it look a little less terrifying, but nope. If you ever visit Vietnam, then there's every possibility that you might be presented with the culinary option of eating raw duck and geese blood. It's usually served literally right as the bird is slaughtered, which ensures that the dish is fresh!! Mm mm good! 
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    Photo: Wrote / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0
    The Scandinavians land on this list once again. Surstromming is a Swedish staple consisting of fish that has been fermenting in a can of bacteria for an extended period of time. Horrifyingly, the fish's resulting stench is usually so foul that Swedes have to take it outside to eat it. We're not sure why anyone would continue to eat something after literally being forced out of their own home by how disgusting it is, but whatever. Apparently it goes well with sour cream. 
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    Tuna eyeballs

    These are apparently a delicious part of East and Southeast Asian cuisine, but we can't get over how they look. Despite making you want to turn away in anguish, these slimy, disturbing eyeballs are actually good for your eyesight. They are served in soups, herb dishes, and --- we hope --- with lots and lots of alcohol. 
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    Fermented Shark Bits

    Hákarl, an Icelandic specialty, is a greenland or sleeping shark that has fully rotted and then hung to dry for four or five months. The shark can't be eaten fresh because it's poisonous to humans; it's served in cubes on a toothpick, and first-timers are advised to plug their noses to help with the gagging. Even chef and world-traveller Anthony Bourdain says it's "the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing," he's ever eaten. And that guy eats some pretty crazy stuff!
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