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Wild Jim Morrison Stories, From Riots To Arrests

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If any artist embodied the persona of crazy rock star, it was Jim Morrison. The former lead singer of The Doors is remembered not only for his contributions to music, but also for his alcoholism, drug use, and the flashy antics he used to shock and offend audiences. Although he died in 1971, Morrison's appeal as a sensitive poet can still be seen in head shops and college dorm rooms; in fact, it has risen to mythic proportions, overshadowing some of his less stellar qualities.

Lesser-known Jim Morrison facts include his high IQ of 149. His passion for poetry took him to California in the 1960s where he met Ray Manzarek with whom he formed The Doors. Led Zeppelin had a few crazy stories and insane tales about Ozzy Osbourne abound, but fame for Jim Morrison meant more drugs and more alcohol in an attempt to live up to the persona he had created for himself. Dying at a young age may have cemented his icon status, but the Jim Morrison lifestyle seen in these stories likely exceeds even what his myth would have you believe.

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