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Wild Jim Morrison Stories, From Riots To Arrests

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  • He Was Arrested For A Slew Of Public Indecency-Related Offenses After A Show In Miami

    Photo: Dade County Public Safety Department / Wikmedia Commons / PD-FLGOV

    In March of 1969, The Doors played the oversold Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, and Jim Morrison was late taking the stage. "It's a swamp and it's a yuck - a horrible kind of place, a seaplane hangar - and 14,000 people are packed in there, and they're sweaty," keyboard player Ray Manzarek remembered. Intent on showing the audience what psychedelic West Coast shamanism and confrontation [were] all about," Morrison lifted his shirt and asked if the audience wanted to see more. This act, in addition to a lamb on stage, simulated oral sex acts with Robbie Krieger, and Morrison stealing an officer's hat, caused the audience to storm the stage and Morrison to be arrested and charged with indecent exposure. Although it was never proven he actually exposed himself, Morrison died before the case went to trial.

    However, it was officially pardoned in 2010. And Manzarek maintains that Morrison never actually committed the act.

  • Morrison Had A Secret Code To Switch Hotel Rooms (And Girls) With A Friend

    Photo: Elektra Records / Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

    Jim Morrison allegedly looked very similar to his good friend January Jansen, so much so that people sometimes mistook them for one another. According to Jansen, the two men would often get hotel rooms next to each other with an adjoining door. They worked out a code between them that if one got bored with the woman they were with, they would claim to be going for ice and slam the hotel door twice. When the other heard this, they would do the same, and swap rooms and women. Jansen claimed if he wore leather pants that were similar to Morrison's, girls were never able to tell the difference.

  • He Drunkenly Created Mayhem On A Plane And Was Arrested Upon Landing

    Photo: KRLA Beat/Beat Publications, Inc. / Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

    In November of 1969, Jim Morrison boarded a flight to Phoenix with his friend Tom Baker. Seated in first class, they both got drunk and started raising a ruckus. Although warned by both the flight attendants and the captain of the plane, neither man stopped his behavior, and they were arrested at the airport gate when they landed in Phoenix.

    Morrison was charged with drunk and disorderly conduct and interfering with the flight of an aircraft. However, he was never convicted.

  • The Cops Caught Him Making Out With A Fan, And A Riot Ensued

    Photo: Elektra Records-Joel Brodsky / Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

    The Doors were about to perform in New Haven, Connecticut, in December of 1967, when Jim Morrison decided to engage in a pre-show make-out session with a fan. The two were in a dressing room shower when police encountered the couple and asked them to leave, not realizing who they were talking to. Morrison angrily refused before being maced in return.

    But the show went on, and Morrison took the opportunity to get revenge on the cops from his spot on stage. Calling them "little blue men," he told the audience the story in an obscenity-laden rant and as they began to riot, he was ushered off stage, becoming the first person to ever be arrested in the middle of a performance.