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People Share Their Most Disgusting Makeup Stories

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They say beauty is pain, and people's gross makeup stories only confirm this mentality. While makeup failures remind people of the importance of technique, the gross things people do with makeup provide a good lesson in clean cosmetics. But if you think about all the dangerous makeup hacks being spread around the internet, you start to see the cracks in the foundation.

Nasty makeup stories reveal instances when cosmetics are less likely to get you a date or a job and more likely to score you some acne or a staph infection. When you fail to incorporate hygiene into your beauty regiment, you run the risk of creating gross makeup palettes even Heath Ledger's Joker would shy away from. 

To report the cosmetic crimes of others, or to repent for their own, people share their grossest makeup stories on Reddit for the world to see and judge. Apparently, many people out there do not understand makeup expires or that tester brushes at Sephora rarely, if ever, get disinfected.

Make sure your own glow up doesn't blow up in your face.

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    A Product That Really Pops

    From Redditor /u/feraltarte:

    "I bought a Shea Moisture conditioner. It was the same kind I always used, but I actually thought it was a new kind because it was like, pistachio green and I was like, 'Oh cool, I haven't tried this before.' When I opened it to use it, it exploded into a putrid mess right in my face. Something in it must have fermented because it was sour and carbonated.

    This was at my work, and the next day I went and pulled all the green ones from the shelf and a couple of them actually exploded on my way to damage them out. That's the worst I've ever see a product go bad."

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    Case Of The Blues

    From a former Redditor:

    "Every day on the bus this girl would ask for this blueberry lip gloss that I had because she wanted to eat it. I finally just gave it to her because she was persistent and I never wanted to touch it again."

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    Put On The Parental Controls

    From Redditor /u/Twinkle_Starchild:

    "My mom still has makeup that she had in high school and college. She still uses it.

    I told her the other day that I've been doing research on makeup and... eyeshadow expires within about two years of opening it. And mascara expires within three-to-six months. She said, 'Wow, I've had some of my makeup for decades! No wonder my eyes are itchy!'"

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    Separation Anxiety

    From Redditor /u/abbeyrogue:

    "I had a deluxe size of Stay Don't Stray from Benefit, and it was great when it worked but one day I pumped it out and it was half chunky-colored mess, half orange oil. I put it on my face without looking and wrecked everything. It was gross and smelled bad.

    This was around the time I started believing expiration dates on makeup."

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