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Disgusting Microorganisms That Are on You Right Now

What's worse than a scary, creepy bug crawling across your wall late at night? How about trillions of tiny bugs you can't see calling your flesh home?

How many is "trillions," exactly? Well, there are roughly the same number of microorganisms living on your body as the number of cells in your body. In other words, your body is about half bug.

Creepy microorganisms scare the living daylights out of us, and for good reason: most of them are flat-out disgusting. On your face right now are a ton of tiny spider-like creatures just waiting to die so they can explode waste all over you. That's their whole life cycle and no matter what you do, you can never get rid of them. Doesn't that put your other problems into perspective?

Below is a list of some of the most disgusting microorganisms and tiny bugs that live on people. Be warned, once you see this list of bacteria and microorganism facts, you might never be the same. You might scrub yourself a little harder in the shower, or wash your hands just a little bit more aggressively, but remember - nothing you do matters. These bad boys are here to stay. 

  • Demodex Mites Explode Their Waste All Over Your Face

    Deep within the microscopic levels of your pores and hair follicles, Demodex mites are getting crazy. Although not entirely confirmed, it is highly likely that every human face carries Demodex. What's amazing is how little we know about these mites, other than the fact that they exist.

    We're not entirely sure what they eat or how they reproduce, but one thing we do know is that they don't have butts. Now this raises the question of how exactly they dispose of waste, and the answer will probably disgust you. It's been said that when these mites die, they basically explode with waste which then degrades on our faces. 
  • Propionibacterium Acnes Thrives on Skin Oils - and Teenagers

    Having acne is no fun, but have you ever stopped to wonder why exactly your face is breaking out into horrible red blotches? It's mainly a result of Propionibacterium acnes, which is part of the skin flora present on most healthy adults.

    This bacteria lives off the fatty acids in sebum (the oil in your hair follicles). These little buggers secrete proteins, which can destabilize the layers of the cells that form the walls of the hair follicle. That, in turn, leads to inflammation - that is, acne. So thanks, little microscopic jerks, for ruining high school picture day for a lot of people. 
  • Brevibacterium Linens Makes Feet - and Cheese - Stinky

    Have you ever wondered why our noses run but our feet smell? Well, in regards to the second part, our feet generally give off that unpleasant aroma thanks to Brevibacterium linens. These microorganisms have compounds containing sulphur, known as S-methyl thioesters, that create that distinctive and disgusting odor.

    Fun fact: Brevibacterium linens are the same bacteria used to ferment smelly cheeses like munster and Limburger. 
  • You think just because you've avoided eating at Chipotle that you're safe from E. coli? Think again! The E. coli are a large family of bacteria, and just because most strains won't make you horribly sick, doesn't mean that your body isn't just coated with them. And we do mean coated - the average human intestine has more than five billion E. coli bacteria on it, or about as many bacteria as there are people on earth.

    Many forms of E. coli are harmless, but if you're unlucky enough to contract a more serious strain of this bacteria, you're in for possible pneumonia, diarrhea, or urinary tract infections.