The Best Disney Animated Movie Sidekicks

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Vote up your favorite sidekicks who help the main Disney films characters on their journeys, whether they can speak or not. No characters from Pixar movies.

As wonderful and inspiring a Disney hero or heroine may be, their tale would simply not hold up without the assistance of their memorable sidekicks. What makes for the best Disney animated sidekick? Never shy on advice or one-liners, these companion characters provide charisma and humor to what would otherwise just be retellings of old fairytales and Hamlet. Without a sidekick's help, the Huns would have taken China, Mount Olympus would belong to Hades, and Mowgli would not have survived The Jungle Book.

They may not get the main storyline, but sidekick characters from Disney movies get the best songs, proving their worth as more than just a noble steed, an animated dish, or a fairy godmother. In many cases, they're what moves a just okay film into best animated Disney movie status. So be sure to show them the love they deserve, and know you'll never have a friend quite like them.

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  • Mushu
    1,132 votes
  • Genie
    1,162 votes


  • Stitch
    1,208 votes
    Lilo & Stitch
  • Pascal
    896 votes


  • Pumbaa
    910 votes
    The Lion King
  • Lumiere
    793 votes
    Beauty and the Beast