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Disney Channel Original Movies You Somehow Forgot About

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From the catchy intro to their perfectly groomed casts of wholesome stars, there was just something special about Disney Channel original movies. Everyone has an opinion on the best Disney Channel original movies - maybe you're a fan of High School Musical, or perhaps you longed for the candy-colored future of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. But what about the forgotten Disney Channel originals?

Disney Channel produced and distributed a surprising number of movies; dozens have aired since the first films premiered in 1997. Chances are you've forgotten a few of these obscure Disney Channel movies. Remember Motocrossed, or Pixel Perfect? How about Rip Girls?

These movies taught viewers about friendships, perseverance, and the struggles of puberty. They made kids excited to be teens. These movies might not have been ratings smashes, but these Disney Channel original movies you forgot deserve some love, too.

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