Disney Park Employees Reveal The Weirdest Thing A Guest Has Ever Said To Them

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The Most Magical Place On Earth indeed.

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    Wrong Property

    From Redditor u/sleepytimeHoney:

    “Where’s Hogwarts?”

    Probably about half a day’s walk away.


    Adult: “You work during the holidays?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    Adult, muttering as he walks away: “I don’t believe her. It’s probably a trick to get tips.”

    It was during Christmas. He was literally there on Christmas.

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    Adults At Disney World Be Like

    From Redditor u/emilitxt:

    I had more than a handful of full grown adults approach me while I was re-stocking stuff in the confectionery. They’d point to the stuff in my hands I was actively putting up and, being 100% serious, ask me, “Is that free?”

    Worst though was on my first day working main street in Magic Kingdom. Rope drop had only just happened and I already had a dad in my face demanding to know where the “adult beverages were” (mind you this was in 2017 when Magic Kingdom was still a dry park). When I informed him of that, he lost it on me, screaming questions at me like, “How am I supposed to deal with my kids all day?”

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    From Redditor u/OneMoorePhoto:

    It’s generally not the kids that ask weird things, it’s the adults.

    From Redditor u/Yadon_used_yawn:

    Go on ^

    From Redditor u/UCMCoyote:

    Let’s see:

    1. While during the post parade exodus in a jam packed store that sold only hats: “WHERE ARE YOUR SPOONS?!”
    2. “May I stand on the railing?”
    3. “What do you mean I can’t take my shirt off?”
    4. “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?”
    5. “Can you stop the parade so I can cross the street?” Was the only time I grabbed a guest as she was about to dart out in front of a giant parade float.
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    Peeing Your Pants?

    From Redditor u/xfkirsten:

    Others have already said it, but the adults are the ones who say the really crazy stuff.

    I'm sure there's a ton of stuff I'm forgetting, and plenty of minor "WTF?!" moments, but one that sticks out in my mind was working at Splash Mountain. The ride broke down and we spread out through the ride to go evacuate people. I get to my area to help, and there is a guy who is absolutely LIVID that it's not happening fast enough. He's trying to get out on his own, and I let him know that he needs to stay put and wait for the group. He was also in the heart of the ride building; that s*** is like a maze. You find a door and walk out it and find yourself in Timbuktu. Starting an evacuation takes maybe ten minutes or so to get rolling, maybe 20 if we've tried to just restart the ride first. So it's a bit annoying at the most, but you would think it was the end of the world for this guy. He's ranting and yelling, and I'm trying to calmly tell him to stay seated until we get to his log.

    We get the guests out of the logs behind him (SOP is to start with the back log in the section and work your way towards the first), and when we get to his log, he starts ranting about how he peed his pants in the meantime, gesturing at a wet spot on his crotch. The guests in the log behind him, however (who were very visibly sick of this guy), leaned in and said, "He absolutely did not pee his pants, we saw him splash the water on himself to make it look like he did." The guy was such a d*** that strangers around him were selling him out, LOL.

    We did manage to finally get everyone out, and I absolutely did not give him anything to placate him like I would any other guest that's had something go wrong (other than the free FastPass that we had to give him, because everyone gets one). Enjoy walking around the park with your wet crotch, buddy!

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    The Things Kids Say

    From Redditor u/misirlou95:

    Finally my time to shine! I work in DHS (Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World) and I’ve heard some weird ones. I won’t say the name of my store but if you know WDW you’ll be able to guess pretty easily. When building lightsabers, I’ve had multiple younger kids ask me, very genuinley, questions about how I think their lightsaber will look in battle or how much destruction they’re going to cause. It’s usually pretty lighthearted and funny but once I had the sweetest little girl come through my lightsaber station, and at the very end when we’d finished her saber, very thoughtfully informed me, “Yay! I’m going to stab my brother!”

    The majority of the questions I answer are related to Galaxy’s Edge. I get asked about four thousand times a day, “Where do we build the fancy lightsabers? Where do we build the droids? Is this Rise of the Resistance? Where do I get the colored milk?” You get used to it pretty fast.

    We have a Jedi Stitch up on the shelf behind the counter. I have to tell a thousand people a day that we can’t sell him because he’s a fellow Cast Member! Last week we gave Stitch a little plastic lightsaber keychain and a kid asked very sincerely, “Has Stitch ever killed anybody with that?”

    My favorite guest interaction was with an older middle aged woman, not a child. This lady came in, walked up to the counter and I was assuming she was going to ask me for directions or something. Instead, she asks me, “Has anyone ever told you that you have the body language of a muppet?” and then immediatley left the store without another word. I have plenty more stories but that one will forever stick with me.

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    Four Hours

    From Redditor u/various_necks:

    My daughter was 2-3 when we went to go see Elsa and Anna. A four-hour line, of which my daughter would shuffle forward whenever it would move and then lie down and sleep on the floor when it didn't.

    Finally, it was our turn. We walk into the room and there's Elsa and Anna. First question my daughter asks them? "Do you brush your teeth?".

    Then after the thing was done and we're leaving, my daughter casually tells me that that wasn't really Elsa and Anna, the real ones were probably busy.

    Four hours man.