Fans Are Sharing Which Disney 'Good Guys' Were Totally At Fault
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Fans Are Sharing Which Disney 'Good Guys' Were Totally At Fault

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Disney usually tries to draw a clear line between "good" and "evil." But sometimes, it's the "good guys" who were in the wrong, despite any other villainous characters that might exist. Heroes aren't always "good," sometimes they're just framed that way. 

Fans are sharing which Disney "good guys" were clearly were at fault in the first place. Vote up your favorites!

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    Elsa And Anna's Parents From 'Frozen'

    From Redditor u/MajoraOfTime:

    Troll says, "Fear is your enemy."

    The parents think, "Ok, so hide her in her room all by herself for the rest of her childhood and never let her see her sister, thereby allowing fear to win..."


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    Zeus From 'Hercules'

    From Redditor u/NewLeaf37:

    We find out that Hades was hand-picked by Zeus, against his will, to run the afterlife, which he adamantly loathes. Zeus never offers Hades an explanation [for this choice]. He just laughs about it. 

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    Peter Pan From 'Peter Pan'

    Peter Pan From 'Peter Pan'
    Photo: Peter Pan / RKO Radio Pictures

    From Redditor u/GuardingxCross:

    Peter is obsessed with staying young and living a carefree lifestyle while abducting other children under the guise of helping them. He's a dick to Wendy, a dick to Tinkerbell, and has no problem trying to kill people - or cutting off a hand and feeding it to a crocodile. 

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    The Enchantress In 'Beauty And The Beast'

    The Enchantress In 'Beauty And The Beast'
    Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/syxtfour:

    I mean sure, the Prince/Beast may have been a punk, but he was only eleven years old when the curse was put on him. Also, the servants are innocent bystanders in the entire affair but they're cursed too! The Beast was stripped of humanity for being a pain in the a**, and that's bad enough as it, but his servants are turned into inanimate objects and they didn't do anything [to deserve it]! And worse yet, by removing any humans from the castle, the Beast now has no way to communicate with the outside world in the hopes of breaking his curse. He's set up to fail and remain cursed, damning himself and his servants to a lifetime of unhumanity. 

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    Kuzco From 'The Emperor's New Groove'

    Kuzco From 'The Emperor's New Groove'
    Photo: The Emperor's New Groove / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/samx3i:

    Kuzco has an innocent old man thrown out a window and doesn't give a sh*t, even though the old man certainly could have died. He wanted to destroy a man's home [and displace a full town]. He's selfish and has no regard for the lives of the innocent. 

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    Lightning McQueen From The 'Cars' Franchise

    From Redditor u/elithagoatt:

    Lightning McQueen is arrogant and rude to everyone who tries to help him. In Cars, he fires 3 crew chiefs and calls himself a one man show - but you can't win by yourself in racing! [When he's deterred in getting to California, because of mistakes HE made] he tries to avoid his responsibility every chance he gets.

    In Cars 2, he goes off on his friend because he loses one race, and when Mater tries to explain what's going on, McQueen dismisses him.

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