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Unanswered Questions From Disney Movies

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Disney Animation has gifted audiences with some of the greatest films of all time. Maybe that's why many viewers fixate on the seemingly unanswerable questions contained within their narratives. Of course, the existence of these supposed Disney movie plot holes doesn’t mean you can’t love the films. Many of these are from classic films that are more or less perfect regardless.

Some of these unexplained Disney movie moments might be a fun way to start a conversation with your friends, or get you thinking about your own screenplay. Whatever the case, you’ll never see these Disney movies the same way again. 

  • After Elsa accidentally freezes Anna's heart at the ice palace, it's revealed that the only thing that can save Anna is an act of true love. No problem - Disney movies are chock-full of characters that perform selfless acts to save their friends and loved ones. 

    Anna is eventually saved by the love of the very sister who cursed her, but she'd already experienced an act of true love from Olaf. At one point, she's freezing, literally, and he lights a fire and brings her closer to the flames even though they're melting him. This selfless act of love should have freed Anna from the confines of the spell. 

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  • Pinocchio walks along the ocean floor to find Monstro the whale and gets gobbled up for his trouble. While inside the whale, Pinocchio and Geppetto make the creature open its mouth by starting a fire and begin rowing to safety. Monstro creates a massive wave that knocks them all to shore and drowns Pinocchio. This is minutes after the audience watches Pinocchio walk across the ocean floor with no problem whatsoever.

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  • One of the main conceits in Toy Story is that Andy's new toy, Buzz Lightyear, doesn't think he's a toy. He believes he's an actual space ranger and Woody spends most of the movie trying to convince him that he's a piece of molded plastic. 

    If Buzz really does think that he's a person, then why does he freeze when people are around? Is it an innate act of an action figure? Or does he know the truth about himself and choose to ignore it? Over at Reddit, people have been debating this for years. Rather than simply deciding that it's a major plot hole, they've posited the possibility that Buzz is instinctually freezing, or that it's simply Space Command protocol to not engage new lifeforms. 

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  • At one point during Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts puts Chip away in the cupboard with his brothers and sisters, a set of nearly identical cups. It's not clear how many cups are in the cupboard, but it looks like a lot. Therre are at least six in the frame with Chip, and an untold amount of cups and cutlery inside the castle - all of which he refers to as his brothers and sisters. 

    That's all well and good, but it creates a major issue when Chip is turned back into a real boy following the Beast's profession of love for Belle. Did all of Chip's "brothers and sisters" become human again? And if so, where are they? Hopefully, they didn't get stuck in the cupboard. 

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