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15 Disney Park Employees & Patrons Share Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Park Experience

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Is there anything more magical than a Disney Park? These Disney insiders certainly don't seem to think so! Maybe if you pick up the tips and tricks they've shared, you'll have an even more magical time when you head back to your park of choice!

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    Single Ride Line

    From a former Redditor:

    Go in the single rider line, especially on rides with long lines like splash mountain. It's essentially a fast pass but you can do it over and over again. The only downside is you don't always get to sit with your group, but when I did it a lot I found that, 50% of the time I was still with my group.

    Just ask the employees in front of the ride where the single rider line is.

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    Free Ice Water For Hot Days

    From Redditor u/ghperry:

    All restaurants, minus full-service restaurants like Blue Bayou, will give you free ice water which is nice on hot days when you're tempted to buy a bottle of water.

    That, and Stage-door Cafe has mozzarella sticks, not listed on the menu.

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    Have A Good Meal Before Going

    From Redditor u/SteveTheSultan:

    Disney World (Orlando) has an underground that runs most of the park.

    To get into Disney with minimal traffic take the 528, not I-4.

    Don't buy the tickets from street vendors. It's a [grift].

    Eat before you go. It will save a family of 4 at least a C-Note for a day.

    The monorail and the boat to get there take the same amount of time.

    Get there early and go to the rides at the back of the park then work your way to the front.

    The teacup ride can make you throw up (Personal experience).

    You have to ask for cigarettes at the stores, they are not in the open.

    Fun trick: Drop a piece of trash any where and step back 20 steps. Most likely in less than 2 minutes a cast member will be there to pick it up. Disney is very clean.

    Dirty Trick; Get someone in your party to be in a wheel chair. You got right to the front of the line, but you lose major karma

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    So Many Secrets: Hidden Mickeys

    From Redditor u/ReferencesCartoons:

    Hidden Mickeys.

    Every ride at Disneyland has a depiction of Mickey (usually two circles on top of another circle) hidden somewhere, among other Easter eggs, like the toy blocks in the Peter Pan ride spelling out Disney if you look directly down.

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