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15 Disney Park Employees & Patrons Share Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Park Experience

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Is there anything more magical than a Disney Park? These Disney insiders certainly don't seem to think so! Maybe if you pick up the tips and tricks they've shared, you'll have an even more magical time when you head back to your park of choice!

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    Where To See Fireworks

    From Redditor u/Sea-Salt:

    Worked at the Magic Kingdom at the Orlando park nearly a decade ago, so I might be a bit updated here, but anyway...

    If you're staying late to catch the fireworks show (which is done every single night, unless the weather is just too windy, as chunks of shells can and will rain down on the park grounds), pick a spot that has you looking out behind Cinderella's castle.

    With the exception of the few fireworks that shoot out over the castle at the beginning, the mortar rounds are shot behind the park. Every night, without fail, people will crowd as close as they can to the castle, thinking everything is shot out over it, only to possibly find themselves locked in by other people upon realizing they were all facing the wrong direction for the show.

    Also, a tip to anyone planning a trip; unless you like dealing with stampedes of people and hours of waiting for rides, don't aim for a trip during the summer or Christmas season. Shoot for the slower times of the year, like early fall or after the new year; pretty much any time that most kids will be in school.

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    Real Pirate Skulls

    From a former Redditor:

    In the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disneyland, most of the skulls used to be real. Now, most have been replaced by fake ones, but there's one real one still left-it's the one above the headboard on the bed.

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    Best Coffee Spot

    From Redditor u/pagnoodle:

    If you are a fan of coffee, buy one on the main street in Disneyland. If you keep your receipt, you can have free refills all day.

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    Sensory Tickles

    From Redditor u/castillar:

    As you pass between "Worlds" in DisneyWorld, pay attention to your feet. At the edge of each world, the pavement abruptly changes, Walt called them "sensory tickles." They're there to startle you and make you look up and look around, realizing that your surroundings have changed.

    The window ads on Main Street in Disneyland (and DisneyWorld, too, I think Nope, see below) are made of the names of families who sold their land to Disney to form the park.

    As you approach Cinderella's Fountain, notice that she looks sad: she's looking down at the animals, is dressed in rags, and her face is almost hidden. Now squat down and look up from the perspective of a young child: you'll see she's actually smiling, and the crown device in the fountain appears to be sitting on her head. The Parks are full of things like that that appear different from a child's perspective because Walt designed them with young children in mind.

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