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Disney Princess Fan Theories That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Many people's childhoods are firmly rooted in the Disney classics. One major constant throughout all of Disney's filmography is the concept of the Disney princess: Fierce, strong, smart, and loyal girls and women that we always looked up to. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding our favorite strong, smart, and brave leading ladies.

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    Moana Was Killed By The Ocean To Become A Demigod

    From Redditor u/87StickUpKid:

    In Maui's words, Moana was "straight-up pookieduked" by the ocean, but what he doesn't know about this unqualified girl who can't sail is that she is also a demigod.

    In the beginning of the film, the ocean chooses Moana for a quest to find Maui and put a little green rock back. However, the ocean doesn't just let her do this unscathed. Instead, it tosses her into a brutal storm for some reason, and the next thing you know she wakes up on Demigod Island to hear a song called "You're Welcome," which is essentially about the powers of demigods (specifically Maui).

    She is a demigod at this point.

    She can now push over a massive 5 ton statue, she can fight and take down pirate ships filled with coconut murderers, and she can communicate/trick/pursuade the gods, like that big*ss crab and of course, the lava monster. This is her biggest power.

    Besides her newly acquired skills, our biggest clue that Moana is now a demigod comes from the story on how Maui became a demigod. Maui explains that he was tossed into the sea as a baby, but was "saved" by the gods (likely the ocean) and then given powers. This is almost exactly what happened to Moana at the beginning of the film. She even asks the ocean for help during the storm, and the ocean does help her, just not in the conventional way. Moana needed to drown, like Maui, to become someone capable of pulling off this insane task.

    Oh, and also Maui jumps into the Realm of Monsters and says no mortals would ever come down here, but there's Moana! Why? Because she is no longer a mortal, she's a demigod.

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    Mulan's 'Girl Worth Fighting For' Is The Little Girl From The Village

    Photo: Mulan / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/chondroitin:

    The film has a song, "A Girl Worth Fighting For", in which all the men want a domestic feminine woman, and Mulan is there, uncertain what she thinks of it all. Does she have a girl worth fighting for? The song doesn't give her a chance to say, but there is an answer, and it's not herself. The song cuts right as they come upon a destroyed village, where Mulan picks up a small doll. We know for certain that it used to belong to a little girl that lived in the village, since earlier, Shan Yu gets the doll from his hawk, and says: Besides, the little girl will be missing her doll. We should return it to her.

    That's her girl worth fighting for, and little girls in general. We see a hint of this early on in the movie - during "Honor to Us All," Mulan walks by a boy who's swiped a doll from a girl; Mulan takes the doll from the boy and gives it back. Note also that after "A Girl Worth Fighting For," Mulan is more concerned about saving lives than honor until after the end of danger with Shan Yu's defeat. So yeah, those little girls are Mulan's "girl worth fighting for."

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    Merida Is A Descendant Of Mor'du

    From Redditor u/h11233:

    The ancient king had four sons, one being the prince who the witch turned into the bear Mor'du. In Merida's time, there are four clans. I believe each clan was descended from one of the four brothers and Merida's dad, King Fergus, was the descendant of Mor'du. This is why the family seems to have an inescapable connection to Mor'du.

    I just think it's too much of a coincidence that: There were 4 princes in the ancient kingdom, now there are 4 clans. Mor'du seems omnipresent in Merida's ( and her family's) life and mystical forces seem to be driving this. Not just their direct interactions with Mor'du, but also Merida going to the same witch and receiving the same spell, for which she paid using a bear pendant, Merida stumbling upon the ancient ruins, etc. Also, though this one is pretty generous, King Fergus is built quite similarly to the Prince.

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    Big Daddy LaBouff Bought The Old Sugar Mill For Tiana

    Photo: The Princess and the Frog / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/TopRamen713:

    Here's the mystery- after years of being empty and un-bought, suddenly it gets bought the same day that Tiana has save enough money for a down payment? Something's not quite adding up here.

    My scenario- 'Big Daddy' has been watching Tiana and his daughter grow up for years. He seems to treat her as a second daughter, at least not forbidding Charlotte from playing/associating with her.

    He loves Charlotte and indulges her every whim, because the limit of her ambition is to simply marry well. He knows though, that Tiana wants to run a high-class restaurant, but for a Black woman to succeed in the 1920s south, she has to be tough, smart, and hard-working, so he can't just give Tiana everything she wants, much as he'd like to. Once she tells Charlotte that she has enough for the down payment for the restaurant, she's proven that to him she has the mental toughness to run a successful restaurant. He goes ahead and buys it outright to give to her at the party, but before he can do so, she disappears.

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