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22 Posts About Disney Princess That Actually Make A Good Point

August 24, 2021 593 votes 66 voters 1.5k views22 items

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Despite being boiled down to helpless damsels in distress (in most cases), Disney princesses are actually some of the toughest characters in the history of entertainment. From Snow White to Moana, every young princess has brought something new to audiences. Fans are making some good arguments about their favorite Disney princesses that most people probably never thought about before. Don't forget to vote up your favorite! 

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    It's Implied That Mulan Is The Great Dragon That Is Supposed To Protect Her Family

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    Belle Is Actually A Whole Vibe

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    How Is A Ride On A Magic Carpet More Dangerous Than Having A Pet Tiger?

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    Aurora Brings A Lot More To The Table Than Most People Give Her Credit For

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