What Disney Princess Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Every girl is a Disney princess on some level – whether we're on a constant search for our true love or smashing our feet through the face of evil (and patriarchy!). We've all got our favorite Disney Princess, but some of us relate more to Merida's fiery mane of hair (let's be real, controlling frizz is ridiculously hard), than Snow White's intense organizational skills. Don't know which one you are? There's a Disney princess for each zodiac sign to help you figure it out.

Your Disney princess zodiac says a lot about you, whether you get swept away in lofty dreams of leaving your hometown or remain the cautious voice of reason. The astrological signs for each Disney princess also share quite an eye-opening view of your faults. Maybe you tend to forgive less-than-stellar princes or have a habit of letting your evil stepsisters walk all over you.

Check out what Disney princess matches your zodiac sign below. Which one are you?

  • Aries - Jasmine
    Photo: Aladdin / Walt Disney Pictures

    You are strong-willed, sassy, and wear your heart on your sleeve. Sometimes that means getting swept away by a common thief that your pops would never approve of in a million years. You're often so set on your own path you couldn't give a fig what others think. Eventually, you do get what you want because you're not afraid to stand up for it.

    When you love, you love with your whole heart, but your determination can err on selfishness (like how you made your dad sick with worry while you were out zipping around on a magic carpet).

  • Taurus - Mulan
    Photo: Mulan / Walt Disney Pictures

    Was it stubborn of you to insist you could join the army and pull off a hair-brained plan that involved posing as a man for literally months? Duh, but that doesn't mean you didn't pull it off. Tauruses are absurdly determined, and charge like a bull at any challenge they encounter.

    At the root of it, Tauruses crave stability, and your commitment to your family's well-being is fuel to your fire. Though you might be all-systems-go when it comes to carrying out a dangerous (and arguably ill-advised) plan, you also definitely know what you're doing. People will come to see that you were right all along. You're extremely logical and don't leave stuff up to chance.

  • The two parts of you are always at odds. There's the destructive, impatient side that doesn’t think before she speaks and accepts rush marriage proposals from guys she's just not that into (sup, Hans?). Then, there's the wise, resourceful side that helps you tackle problems head-on, like luring your ice queen sister out of her castle even if she hasn't spoken to you in years.

    This is something you're absolutely willing to do because you love the idea of an teammate, and who makes a better teammate than your sister?

  • Cancer - Cinderella
    Photo: Cinderella / Walt Disney Pictures

    You're a homebody, dear Cancer, and not just because your evil stepsisters basically made you their slave. You love being a caregiver, but your sensitivity can sometimes let people take your kindness a little bit too far. You've also got a tendency to let things build up before you say anything, so you're often left feeling underappreciated (but to be clear – sometimes you're not wrong about it).

    Fortunately, your kindness and desire for emotional comforts make you an excellent candidate for a princess. You're empathy for others would make you the apple of your subjects's eyes, just like another famous Cancerian princess - Princess Diana. Just make sure to be home before midnight because you know the rules.