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What Disney Princess Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

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Every girl is a Disney princess on some level – whether we're on a constant search for our true love or smashing our feet through the face of evil (and patriarchy!). We've all got our favorite Disney Princess, but some of us relate more to Merida's fiery mane of hair (let's be real, controlling frizz is ridiculously hard), than Snow White's intense organizational skills. Don't know which one you are? There's a Disney princess for each zodiac sign to help you figure it out.

Your Disney princess zodiac says a lot about you, whether you get swept away in lofty dreams of leaving your hometown or remain the cautious voice of reason. The astrological signs for each Disney princess also share quite an eye-opening view of your faults. Maybe you tend to forgive less-than-stellar princes or have a habit of letting your evil stepsisters walk all over you.

Check out what Disney princess matches your zodiac sign below. Which one are you?

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    You're certainly no damsel in distress – you're a Leo and you're going to take charge of your own destiny. Your boldness, bravery, and rebellious nature make you an awesome leader. 

    However, sometimes, your rebellious nature errs on sloppy. You have a tendency to get a little reckless even if you're well-intentioned, and your desire for freedom is definitely going to ruffle some feathers. One day, you and your mom are in an intense argument, then the next you're catching fish together for a big meal and learning some serious life lessons. If you don't get swept up in your own personal drama and distaste for taking orders, you'll realize that everyone is a valuable member of the team.

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    Virgo, your ability to nitpick and delegate is kind of awesome, and it's the only reason you're able to transform the actual dump that is the residence of the seven dwarfs and make it something wonderful. They may not get it.

    They may think you're a nag, but the second you bite into that poison apple and fall asleep, they're like wait, who was in charge of picking up milk on their way home from work? People definitely need you around.

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    There's a balance in everything, Libra, from the way the blue corn moon gives light to the hunting wolf, to the way the sycamore trees provide shelter for the wandering deer. You relish in the idea of partnership (with your loved ones or Mother Nature). You recognize your place in the world and approach everything with a sense of fairness, but you're also outspoken about it.

    If, say, someone is trying to slaughter your whole village, you're definitely going to stand up for what's right. Unfortunately, you also can be a bit codependent and clingy - probably the reason you stuck around John Smith so long when all of his friends were literally trying to kill your family.

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    Deer Scorpio, you are deeply alluring, brave, and sharp-witted. You're the hero of your own story, but girl - you've got some trust issues. Sure, part of that is because you sold your soul to Hades to bring back the love of your life (who ended up running off with his side-piece), but part of it is because you're a Scorpio and don't do anything by halves.

    Fortunately, your mysterious nature is so alluring that your demigod boyfriend is willing to give up immortality just to sit with you in your house until you die. He's not going anywhere, and that's just how you like it.