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What Disney Princess Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 8 Nov 2019 97.1k views12 items

Every girl is a Disney princess on some level – whether we're on a constant search for our true love or smashing our feet through the face of evil (and patriarchy!). We've all got our favorite Disney Princess, but some of us relate more to Merida's fiery mane of hair (let's be real, controlling frizz is ridiculously hard), than Snow White's intense organizational skills. Don't know which one you are? There's a Disney princess for each zodiac sign to help you figure it out.

Your Disney princess zodiac says a lot about you, whether you get swept away in lofty dreams of leaving your hometown or remain the cautious voice of reason. The astrological signs for each Disney princess also share quite an eye-opening view of your faults. Maybe you tend to forgive less-than-stellar princes or have a habit of letting your evil stepsisters walk all over you.

Check out what Disney princess matches your zodiac sign below. Which one are you?

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