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What little girl (and a few boys, too) didn't dream of becoming a Disney Princess at one point? Who didn't dream of escaping their humdrum life, being swept off their feet by a dashing prince, finding true love and living happily ever after? While real life usually doesn't work out that way, it's fun to escape into pretty princess territory with all of the lovely gals from the wonderful world of Disney. And when it comes to princesses, the Disney gals are some of the best dressed ladies around. Disney princess costumes are wildly popular for a reason - and as the Disney princess outfits on this list show, even an everyday dress can be super stylish when worn by a Disney princess.

Like any good fantasy, the rags to riches trope is one of the most popular plot devices in the Disney canon. How else are we supposed to root for our princesses if their lives were awesome before they met a boy?! Though most of us have fantasized about looking like a Disney Princess once they've found their happily ever after, we also have to consider: which Disney Princess rocked the best rags before they found their riches?

Do you dig Princess Jasmine's gypsy disguise? What about Ariel's transformation into a real life human? Or are you more of a Frozen fan, loving Queen Elsa's fierce coronation getup? What about Princess Merida, who knows that the best accessory a girl can have is a crossbow?

Upvote the best Disney princess outfits, everyday looks, and casual dresses below. When it comes to Disney fashion, these royal gals are all looking fierce!

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