fictional characters The Best Disney Princess Wedding/Special Occasion Dresses  

Erica Scheidt
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Despite all of our best wishes upon a star, we still haven't been asked to a ball. Yeah, they may be completed outdated nowadays but we have no shame in our game! Even if you're not the girliest of girls, we all at one point have fantasized about being courted, dressing up, and dancing with our very own Prince Charming is the best Disney princess dress. Which princess rocked the most beautiful ball gown, or, better yet, the best Disney princess wedding dress?

Though we all have our favorite Disney princess, we want to know: which Disney princess has the best formal/wedding dress? Did you feel Mulan's look before she became a sword-swinging samurai? Or are you more of a fan of Ariel's throwback wedding dress? Are you glad that Elsa "let it go" so she could become the sparkly snow queen of our wardrobe dreams?

No matter which fancy formal princess dress is your favorite, I think we can agree that all of the Disney Princesses got a major upgrade from their original rags. So indulge your happily ever after fantasies with this list, and vote up the Disney princess formal gowns and wedding dresses you think are the most gorgeous and glamorous.