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Disney Princesses Pick Their Pokémon Teams In This Fan Art Crossover

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The only thing better than Disney or Pokémon is when Disney meets Pokémon. Disney Princesses choose Pokémon teams in this gregarious crossover fan art by DeviantArtist Pavlover. There's no shortage of Pokémon fan art out there (like this amazing collection of Pokémon-turned-human fan art), nor is there a lack of Disney princess fan art, but Pavlover took a creative leap forward by putting the two together, exploring the identities of these princesses and how that might manifest if they were to assemble their own team of pocket monsters.

What more perfect pairing could exist than Rapunzel and a Tangela? Of course Moana has a bevy of sea creatures with the exception of a flame-wielding chick - she needs someone more capable than Heihei around. It's clear that Pavlover understands all of her subjects, carefully and thoughtfully assembling teams of Pokémon that, as a unit, define and address all aspects of their respective Disney trainers. Here's Pavlover's excellent work.